Andy + Katie



Engagement Date: March 7, 2009
Wedding Date: June 26, 2010

Andy and I first met in the fall of 2000, a few weeks after starting at Bates College in the lovely town of Lewiston, ME.  We were instantly friends. I remember many-a-night when I would go visit Andy for a study break full of hysterical laughing. After putting off a relationship for four years, we reconnected six months after graduation when Andy devised a slick plan to get my phone number by losing his phone in a snow bank and having me call him so he could follow the ring. A few dates later we were in love, and then a few years later, Andy finally got the nerve up to ask me to marry him!

Katie-Andy-ringsAndy decided on a lilac theme for the ring (my favorite flower), and he worked with my dad Dave Lantz & goldsmith Dave Ernster to design the setting, which turned out beautifully. The finishing touch was advice from my mom on the cut of the diamond, a cushion cut, which I had apparently shared my preference for enough times that she was sure it would be a hit!

Andy decided that a fun way to propose would be to hike up one of the Blue Hills just south of Boston because it would be a combination of hiking, which we both enjoy, and the great Boston skyline view from the top, which is where we've spent most of our time during our years together.  It was perfect!

After convincing me that he needed to drive to NH to "get his hiking boots" (the ring - from my parents), driving back to MA, and having a beer to summon some liquid courage, it was time to head to the hills.  The first half of the hike he spent thinking of a clever way to pop the question because he knew that he was nervous enough that he'd be fumbling for words if he winged it.  He decided on the classic "pretend you're taking a picture" maneuver, and instead of a camera, he held up the ring box in his hand.  Well, it worked!  I started to cry which, oddly enough, made him feel a bit more at home as a nervous wreck and he dropped to one knee and asked.  I said yes and shortly afterward we set the date and started planning for the wedding!

Photos: ¬©John Van Biesen


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